Storage boxes are a great tool to use in therapy. In this post, I share ways I use common objects to work with my kids.

10 Ways I Use Common Objects In Speech

Play-based learning helps develop kids speech. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you ways you can incorporate games for speech.

Fun Ways To Work On Your Child’s Speech At Home

Do you know if a child has a phonological disorder? In this post, I share patterns that kids do to showcase the disorder.

Signs of a Phonological Disorder

Books are a great way to speak to your kids. In this post, I share with you 10 books we read to our little one, and we keep adding more books every day.

10 Books For Babies Under One

In this post I’ll be sharing with you fun ways you can teach your little ones so you can start hearing words.

Fun Ways to Teach Early Words

Hearing and Understanding: Receptive LanguageReceptive Language is the ability to understand both words and gestures. So when baby stops doing something when you say “no” or follows a simple command such as “bring me the ball”, that is receptive language.Birth-3 months:At this time, you will probably see your baby startle when he or she hears a loud

What to Expect in Receptive Language: Birth to 12 months

Here’s my attempt at compiling a basic list of speech and language development using my experience as a speech language pathologist and mommy. As a first time mommy, I often have so many questions regarding my baby so I thought I’d put together a little blurb about speech and language milestones for other parents or anyone

What to Expect in Expressive Languge: Birth to 12 months