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7 Fun Summer Activities That Build Speech & Language Skills
Summer is in full swing and we are enjoying every bit of it! I’m a mom to two little girls, an almost three-year-old and an almost five-year-old. In this post, I'll share with you some activities you can do to build speech and language with your kids.
Speech therapy does not have to be fancy to be effective.  While working with children and being a mommy to[...]
4 Fun & Engaging Activities To Implement In Speech Today
It can be extremely hard to keep little ones engaged during your speech sessions! Today I’m sharing my favorite ways to keep children engaged during therapy. And I’m all about easy, so you can start implementing these activities today!
How I Use Sensory Bins In Speech
For the past few years or so, I’ve been incorporating sensory bins into my speech therapy sessions.  My daughters also[...]
5 Ways To Bring Winter Into Your Speech Therapy Sessions
We made it to winter, friends! We’ve had some pretty cold days here in Central Florida so far this year[...]
My 5 Favorite Toys To Develop Speech & Language Skills
My caseload is primarily preschoolers and children in early elementary school, and I’m always incorporating some kind of toy into[...]
5 Of My Favorite Books I Use In Speech Therapy
I absolutely love incorporating books into my speech therapy sessions! As a traveling SLP, I love that I can target a variety of goals with a single book. In this post, you'll see some of my favorite books.
4 Ways I Bring Fall Into My Speech Therapy Sessions
Fall is here, even though it doesn’t feel much like it here in Central Florida with temps in the 90’s this first week of October! In this post, I'll be sharing with you 4 ways I bring fall into my speech therapy sessions.
10 Ways I Use Common Objects In Speech
I love that I can do SO much in speech with just a box of common objects. In this post, I'll be sharing 10 ways I use common objects in speech.
10 Speech Therapy Goals I Target With Play-Doh
I feel like Play-Doh is totally one of those must-have staples in any speech room. In this post I talk about the 10 speech therapy goals I target with play-doh.
5 Ways I Use Mini Erasers In Speech Therapy
How do you use mini erasers in speech?! In this post, I share 5 Ways I Use Mini Erasers In Speech Therapy.
March Sensory Bin Ideas For Speech Therapy
March is so much fun in speech! With spring just about here, St. Patrick’s Day in the middle of the month, and Easter right around the corner, there are tons of things you can do, especially with sensory bins!
How I Target Topic Maintenance In Speech
I have a few kids on my caseload that are working on maintaining the topic of conversation.  Using a ball[...]
I love using Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head in speech with my little ones.  I can seriously target a variety[...]
Free Winter-Themed Idioms For Speech Therapy
Materials for idioms are sometimes difficult to find, so I thought I’d create a product of my own. I have[...]
Following Directions with Animals FREEBIE
So many kids on my caseload are working on following directions. I’m always trying to think of directions for them to follow, and sometimes it's hard to think of them on the spot! In this post, I'll be sharing with you what Following Directions with Animals is about.
How I Use Cotton Balls For Winter-Themed Speech Therapy
Super, super easy activity! Grab a bin and a ton of cotton balls and hide some cards you’re working on in the bin. In this post, I share with ways you can use cotton balls and bins.
Snowman Negation
I love winter-themed materials, especially ones with snowmen. In this post, I'll be sharing with you about my product called, Snowman Negation.
I can’t believe Christmas is less than a month away! In this post, I'll be sharing with you my Apraxia of Speech Reindeer Smash Mat.
I’m always looking for fun ways to work on answering WH-questions.  Enter gumball smash mats.  These mats have been so[...]
Seasonal Bundle of Following Directions Bundle for Speech Therapists
This money saving bundle of following directions activities will keep your students engaged all year long!This bundle includes four of[...]
Spin & Say Articulation: Freebie!
This fun freebie is a sample version of my Spin & Say Articulation {Coloring Sheets & Smash Mats} which contains[...]
Brown Horse, Brown Horse: An engaging, play-based activity for preschoolers!
I absolutely love the classic “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” It’s such a good therapy tool for[...]
How I Use Hedbanz In Speech Therapy
I absolutely love the game Hedbanz and it’s always a hit with my kiddos.  If you are unfamiliar with the[...]
Building Speech and Language with Bubbles
I grew up playing with bubbles and babysat children who loved bubbles. In this post you'll learn how you can build speech and language with using bubbles
Check out these 5 must-have TPT speech therapy products from my store as well as other stores that I am anxious to try out in my therapy room.
Christmas-Themed Following Directions Cards and Coloring Sheets
Can you believe Christmas is almost here?! In this blog, I'll be sharing you about my christmas themed following directions activity.
Thanksgiving-Themed Following Directions For Speech Therapy
Can you believe it’s November?! This year has seriously flown by. With Thanksgiving coming at the end of the month, I thought it’d be fun to create a Thanksgiving-themed following directions activity.
Developing Toddler Language Through Water Play
Developing Toddler Language Through Water PlayMy little girl loves water, whether it’s the pool, the bathtub, her water bottle, or[...]
Summer Speech Therapy: Following Directions Cards and Coloring Sheets
I love themed therapy activities! Summer, especially. I just created this fun following directions packet to use in therapy during the summer months.
Summer-Themed Game Boards for Speech Therapy
My clients love games! In this post, I'll be sharing some new summer-themed game boards I've created to use in therapy. They're open-ended so they can be used with any target!
FREE Winter Syllable Sorting Activity For Kids
This winter syllable sorting activity includes 24 adorable winter-themed pictures that are either one, two, or three syllables in length. These are great because you don’t need a lot of supplies-- just print and cut them out.
A Fun Fall Activity to Promote Speech and Language Skills
Fall is my absolute faaaavorite season. In this post, I provide a fun fall activity you can use to promote speech and language skills
FUN WAYS TO WORK ON YOUR CHILD’S SPEECH AT HOMEYour child is asked to work on his or her speech[...]
  When I asses a child’s speech, I not only look at his or her articulation errors but also their[...]
10 Books For Babies Under One
Before Sweet Pea was born, I started building her library. I gladly collected hand-me-down books from relatives and friends and[...]
Fun Ways to Teach Early Words
As parents, we absolutely cannot wait to hear our child talk. Around 12 months or so, you may hear your[...]
What to Expect in Receptive Language: Birth to 12 months
Hearing and Understanding: Receptive Language Receptive Language is the ability to understand both words and gestures. So when baby stops[...]
What to Expect in Expressive Languge: Birth to 12 months
Here’s my attempt at compiling a basic list of speech and language development using my experience as a speech-language pathologist[...]