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5 Ways To Bring Winter Into Your Speech Therapy Sessions

Miss. Jen
January 4, 2019

We made it to winter, friends! We’ve had some pretty cold days here in Central Florida so far this year (well, cold by my standards-ha ha!), but currently we are right around 80 degrees, which I’m pretty happy about. Give me a few cold days during the holidays but come January, I’m ready for some warmer temps (I would never survive up north!). Even though it’s warm here, we still try to incorporate a little winter into our sessions. Read below to see my favorite ways!

1. Winter Games

I love incorporating winter games during my sessions. An oldie but a goodie (and one of my all-time favorite therapy games!) is Don’t Break the Ice! This game is perfect for the little ones and I’ve even had some 5th graders enjoy playing it! I use this in between turns while targeting our goals as well as use it to target different areas such as turn taking, requesting (I want the yellow stick), articulation (especially final /s/ in “ice”), and vocabulary.

2. Play-Doh snowballs

We are all about “snow” in speech since we don’t get snow here! We’ve been using a lot of white Play-Doh in our sessions on my snowball-themed apraxia smash mats! I use these mats to target apraxia and articulation delays and the kids love making “snowballs” after they say their words!

Play-doh snowballs

3. Winter Sensory Bins

I’m all about sensory bins in my sessions! And how cute is this bin?1 I love throwing any type of flashcard into a cotton ball sensory bin during the winter season! Pictured here are my s-blend snowmen flashcards! We pull them out, say our word, and then cover the picture with a “snowball” (white Play-Doh or a cotton ball). It’s so much fun!

Winter Sensory Bins

4. Winter Crafts

We love anything snowman this time of year! Here is an easy melted snowman craft that is perfect for speech! It is fun to pair with the book, Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Wright. I love incorporating crafts into my sessions because you can target so many speech and language skills. Work on requesting for the different materials, vocabulary, verbs (glued, cut, etc.), colors, and categories (clothing, body parts, etc.).

Winter Crafts

5. Winter-themed speech activities

My kids love these winter-themed articulation spinner worksheets. I literally have all of these worksheets in a notebook and make copies when needed. I’ve also sent them home for homework. The packet includes winter-themed game spinners with 5 articulation target sounds on each spinner. We love dotting our pictures with dot markers after we say our words.

Winter-themed speech activities

You can try the initial /th/ sound for FREE here!

How do you incorporate winter into your speech therapy sessions?! I’d love to hear! Check out my Teachers Pay Teachers Store for more fun winter speech & language activities!

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