4 Ways I Bring Fall into My Speech Therapy Sessions Featured

4 Ways I Bring Fall into My Speech Therapy Sessions

Miss. Jen
October 4, 2018

Fall is here, even though it doesn’t feel much like it here in Central Florida with temps in the 90’s this first week of October! I definitely can’t wait for it to cool down a little! Even though it still feels like summer around here, I’ve been trying to bring a little fall into my therapy sessions. Read below to see my favorite ways!

1. Apple Mini Erasers

How cute are these apple mini erasers I picked up at the Target Dollar Spot?! I’ve been using them since school started and they are perfect for fall! I primarily use them as markers on my negation flashcards, smash mats, and bingo games and the kids just love them! Sometimes, I’ll lay out a few erasers and have my kiddos tap an apple while counting syllables as well.

Apple mini erasers

2. Play-Doh apples

So far, I’ve been all about apples in speech! We’ve been using a lot of red Play-Doh in our sessions on my apple-themed apraxia smash mats! I use these mats to target apraxia and articulation delays and the kids love making “apples” after they say their words!

Playdoh apples

3. Incorporating books & other activities with apples, pumpkins, and leaves

Continuing with the apple theme (can you tell I like apples?!), I love using the book, “Ten Apples Up on Top!” with my kiddos in speech. We work on basic concepts, counting, prepositions, actions, feelings, and possessives. I usually have my students count along and put apples on top of lion, dog, and tiger’s heads as we read and they just love it!

Ten Apples Up On Top Book

I also created a fun, little fall-themed book that I use a lot with my little ones this time of year! I use it for syllables, articulation, fall vocabulary, colors, and WH-questions. You can get Pumpkin, Pumpkin What Do You See? for FREE in my TPT store!

Pumpkin Pumpkin What Do You See? Cover

Another fun, fall freebie that is in my store is my Past Tense Verbs Thumbprint Leaves. The kids name the verb in the leaf and then say the past tense form of the verb. After that, they get to use an ink pad to make a thumbprint leaf! Of course, if you don’t have an ink pad, you can always cover the leaves with game chips, mini erasers, use bingo daubers, or smash with Play-Doh after laminating!

Regular Past Tense Verbs activity

4. Fall Sensory Bins

I’m all about sensory bins in my sessions! I picked up these leaves at the dollar store and made a quick, easy fall sensory bin! I usually just throw in any kind of flashcards for a quick, fall activity! Pictured here is my Fall Preposition Bingo game!

Fall Sensory Bin

How do you incorporate fall into your speech therapy sessions?! I’d love to hear!

Check out my Teachers Pay Teachers Store for more fun fall speech & language activities!

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