5 Ways I Use Mini Eraser in Speech Therapy Featured

5 Ways I Use Mini Eraser in Speech Therapy

Miss. Jen
April 4, 2018

A few months ago, I snagged some adorable spring-themed mini erasers on Amazon and I'm kind of obsessed with them! My kids have gone crazy over them as well and I have found some fun ways to incorporate them into my therapy sessions. Read on to find out how I use these adorable erasers in speech!

1. Markers on flashcards and bingo games

Bingo game with erasers

To change bingo games up a bit, I use mini erasers as markers on the answers instead of game chips! Sometimes I hide them in a sensory bin and my students take a turn finding an eraser to put on their boards. It's also fun to use the erasers on my negation flashcards! Pictured here is my Spring Negation product.

2. Writing Prompts

Writing prompts with erasers

I use the erasers as writing prompts to help formulate sentences with some of my older kids. Depending on their level, I'll choose 2-4 mini erasers and have them write a sentence about them. During the Easter holiday, they're also fun to hide in Easter eggs! Here, my student chose an egg and in it was a purple bunny and a chick. She formed the sentence, "The purple bunny sees the yellow chick." You can work on verb tenses (saw) as well!

3. Negation

Negotiation with erasers

To work on negation, take two erasers and ask the child a question such as, "Which bunny is not green?" My preschoolers love this! I usually incorporate this activity while looking at negation flashcards. My kids have to do five flashcards then they get to choose an egg with erasers or find a few in a sensory bin.

4. Same/different

Some of my kiddos are working on expressing how two items are the same and how they are different. Again, take two erasers and talk about the similarities and differences between the two!

5. Sorting/Categories

Sorting with eraser

There’s sooo much you can do here. I like to break out an ice cube tray and have my kids sort according to color, beginning sound, syllable, etc. Or, if you don’t have an ice cube tray on hand, grab a sheet of paper, a sharpie, and make up your own sorting sheet!

Categories with eraser

How do you use mini erasers in speech?! I’d love to hear!

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