How I Use Music to Build Speech and Language Skills Featured

How I Use Music to Build Speech and Language Skills

Miss. Jen
June 13, 2024

Music can be so fun for our little ones in speech, and even kids in general! And it’s a great way for them to practice their speech and language skills.

I have this big tub of instruments that one of my daughters received as a gift when they were little. They may just look like musical instruments, but I see so much more!

Music Instruments

  1. Turn taking: your turn, my turn, his turn, her turn, etc.
  2. Requesting: I love that all of the instruments can be placed inside the drum so we can add in some communication temptations and work on requesting “open,” “more,” “please,” “I want bells,” etc.
  3. Early words and verbs: more, stop, shake, go, fast, slow, tap, open, close, etc.

Drum with Instruments in it

Music is so important. I started singing to my own children when they were babies. We went to baby story time and toddler story time where they incorporate lots of songs and finger plays and I’ve actually incorporated some of these songs into therapy with my little ones over the years. Some of my favorites include “Roly, Poly,” “Open Shut Them,” and “Walking Walking.”

I also love singing songs such as “Wheels on the Bus” and “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” in therapy and what I’ll do is sing it a few times through and pair it with toys if I have them on hand. Once the child knows the song, I’ll pause at one of the words (“and on his farm, he had a ______...”) for a few seconds, giving the child a chance to say the word. Sometimes they say it, sometimes they don’t, but I still like to give them that opportunity.

You can even make your own noise makers with older toddlers and preschoolers for a fun speech and language activity! All you need are two paper cups, some beads to put in the cups, craft tape to hold the cups together, and stickers. Have your kiddos request for the different items while putting the craft together and when it’s done, let them shake away! 😉 Shake them to music, sing your own song, shake them fast, shake them slow, shake them up and down… the possibilities are endless.

Sound Maker

Do you use music in speech? If you would like some more fun speech & language activities to use with your little ones, check out my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

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