Following Directions with Animals FREEBIE Featured

Following Directions with Animals FREEBIE

Miss. Jen
December 27, 2017

So many kids on my caseload are working on following directions. I’m always trying to think of directions for them to follow, and sometimes it's hard to think of them on the spot! I decided to create a resource that would be fun and engaging as well as cater to kids at different levels.

Following Directios With Animals Freebie cover

My Following Directions with Animals includes 48 animal-themed following directions! There are 12 animal cards, 12 1-step direction cards, 12 2-step direction cards, 6 temporal (before/after) direction cards, and 6 conditional direction cards.

Following Directios With Animals Freebie activity 1

Following Directios With Animals Freebie activity 2

Print, cut, and laminate all cards. Lay the animal cards out in front of the student and give them a direction to follow based on their skill level (1-step, 2-step, temporal, conditional). Re-position animal cards before moving on to the next direction. Each direction card is labeled in the top right corner with either a 1 (1-step), 2 (2-step), T (temporal), and C (conditional) so you can keep the cards organized.

This download includes:

-12 animal cards

-12 1-step direction cards

-12 2-step direction cards

-6 temporal (before/after) direction cards

-6 conditional direction cards

Download Freebie!

Looking for more following directions activities? Check out my Following Directions Blog where your kids can follow directions through all four seasons!

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