WH Questions Smash Mat


I’m always looking for fun ways to work on answering WH-questions.  Enter gumball smash mats.  These mats have been so engaging for my little friends who are working on this concept.  There are 10 smash mats included in this packet, with 6 questions per mat:

  • 2 WHO smash mats
  • 4 WHAT smash mats
  • 2 WHEN smash mats
  • 2 WHERE smash mats

Laminate each smash mat. Ask your child one of the questions listed and then have your child cover the answer with a Play-Doh gumball! Continue until all pictures have been covered. An alternate to Play-Doh would be covering the pictures with game chips or using the magnetic chips with the magic wand. ?

Click here to check out WH-Questions Smash Mats.

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