Summer-Themed Game Boards for Speech Therapy Featured

Summer-Themed Game Boards for Speech Therapy

Miss. Jen
June 2, 2016

Summer-Themed Game Boards for Speech Therapy

My clients absolutely love to play games in therapy! I can’t even count how many times I’ve played Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders with my kiddos. I definitely needed some new games, so I created four summer-themed game boards that I can use all summer long! What’s great about these board games are that they are open-ended, so you can use them with just about any goal you are targeting.

The four themes are beach, pool, 4th of July, and sea life. I’ve also included beach/pool-themed game cards as well as 4th of July game cards and sea life game cards. All you need is a coin, spinner, or die, and you are all set! I personally like to play with a coin (heads= 2 spaces, tails= 1 space) because it makes the game last a little longer. 😃

To play, use with your own game pieces. Make sure you have a dice, spinner, or coin on hand. Shuffle game cards and place face down on the table. Students should perform a skill before taking a turn at the game (articulation, fluency, language, etc.). Once they have completed their task, have them spin or roll the dice/coin and move that number of spaces on the board. They may then draw a card from the pile of game cards and complete that task (extra turn, move ahead one space, lose a turn, etc.). First one to finish wins the game!

You can snag these summer game boards here!

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