December 13

Snowman Negation


I love winter-themed materials, especially ones with snowmen. I live in Florida and we need all the winter we can get because it doesn’t get very cold here! I’ve never built a snowman and only seen snow once in my life, and that was at 18 years old! So, give me all the snowman materials!

This particular resource targets the concept of negation.  I use these flashcards to teach and informally assess negation. I have my students read the question on each card then point to the answer or use a dry erase marker to circle the correct answer once the cards are laminated! Another twist is to have them cover their answer with cotton balls, or “snowballs!” Now, that is a big hit with the kids!

So, what do you get with this packet? There are 36 total flashcards with 2 snowmen per card and all 72 snowmen are different! And they are pretty adorable too.

Click here to check out Snowman Negation.


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