No Prep Apraxia: CVC Words for Speech Therapy


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This is a no prep Apraxia product targeting CVC words–just print & go! All pages are black and white. This packet contains 6 different activities and the descriptions for each activity are listed below:
CVC Words Bingo:
Includes ten different game boards to practice CVC words. Cut apart all calling cards. Draw a card and then have the student find the picture on the board and say the word. The students can color the picture, use Bingo daubers, or place a chip or mini eraser on the picture. Play until student gets three in a row or covers their entire game board.
Spin & Say CVC Words:
Includes seven spinner worksheets to practice CVC words. Spin using a paperclip and a pencil. Find the picture it lands on, say it 5 times and then color the picture or use a Bingo dauber! Continue until all pictures have been colored.
Say & Color:
Includes 14 worksheets. Say each word vertically down the column or horizontally across the row to add more complexity, and then color or dot the picture.
Roll, Say & Color:
Includes seven worksheets. Roll a dice and find the number it lands on. Say the name of a picture in that row and color (or dot) the picture. Continue until all pictures have been colored or until one row fills up.
My Mini Book of CVC Words:
Includes 42 pictures to practice CVC Words. After students say the name of the picture, they can color the picture. Cut apart all pictures and make a book using a stapler or key ring.
Say, Find & Color:
Includes seven worksheets. Say the name of each picture at the bottom of the page and then find the pictures in the box. Students color (or dot) the picture once they find it.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I hope you enjoy this download! 🙂
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