Apraxia of Speech Smash Mats: Fall Edition


Grade Levels
PreK, Kindergarten, 1st
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PDF (2 MB | 33 pages)

Target Apraxia of Speech during your fall speech therapy sessions with these adorable apple smash mats! They can also be used to target articulation/phonological delays. Primary sounds targeted include /p, b, m, t, d, k, g, n, w, h, f, v, l, s, z/. There are also a few pictures with the following later occurring sounds: /ch, sh/.
Packet Contents:
-30 total smash mats, with 6 words per mat
-2 VC smash mats
-5 CV smash mats
-14 CVC smash mats
-5 CVCV smash mats
-2 CCVC smash mats
-2 CVCC smash mats
To play, laminate each smash mat or put in a sheet protector. Choose a word, say it 5 times, and then cover the picture with a Play-Doh apple! Continue until all pictures have been covered. An alternate to Play-Doh would be covering the pictures with bingo chips or the magnetic chips & magic wand!
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